MJM Timing Service

                                                                                Timing Service 

      We offer complete timing service for your event. All of our events are timed with Orbiter Race Chip Timing technology. Orbiter timing system is completely wireless meaning no mats, wires, or overhead structures! Avoid those tripping hazards or other race day code violations. Timing service fee includes our Basic Service RFID timing and results handed to the race director. We offer multiple packages to best serve your event. We can support running (road and trail), cycling, kart racing, stair runs, mud runs, and obstacle course events! We have RFID tags and bibs on hand, so we can handle even those last minute races. We offer the MJM Timing Service Triad for all events. Contact us for the best quote for your event.

                                                                                           Type of Events 

                      Running (Road & Trail)                  Cycling (Road & Trail)

                          Run/Walk-a-thons                    Paddle Board / Kayaking

                           Stair Climb Races                                Kart Races

                          Endurance Events                               Time Trials

                             Cross Country                              Endurance Races

                                       Create your own race or event! We can time it!  

                                                                      RFID Timing Packages

             We offer four packages in conjunction with our timing service . Each package provides clients abilities to customize their events the best. 

                                  Gold Package                                                               Silver Package

           Large Event Arch, RFID Equipment, and Clock                                      Small Event Arch, RFID Equipment, and Clock

                          Bronze Package                                                              RFID Package 

        Event Start & Finish Sign, Clock and RFID Equipment                                            RFID Equipment Only

​                                                                            Race in Box Rental

Looking to time your own event or to save money for your upcoming event? We can provide you with Orbiter RFID timing system, clock, and small arch. Each race in box rental includes pre-event training, bibs, race in box rental, and day of event customer service rep on call.