MJM Timing Service

                                                                     MJM Timing Service Timing Triad

​We proudly offer our race timing triad guarantee for our events. Our events are covered by three means to guarantee our events. Help us make sure your event is a success! 

                              About MJM TIming Service

​Our Mission:
MJM Timing Service strives to provide quality timing services to our customers because we care! We care because we are athletes ourselves, understand the importance these events play in fundraising for nonprofit events, and lastly, "We'll treat your event, as ours!"

MJM Timing Service is ready to time your event. We're able to time: running (road & trail), walking, cycling (road and trail), cross country, stair races, run / walk a-thons, kayaking, and kart racing. 

MJM Timing Service is currently operating in El Paso, TX and Lacey, Olympia / Tacoma, WA. However due to the mobility of our Orbiter equipment we are able to travel throughout the country. We can come to you! 

We proudly use Orbiter timing equipment. Orbiter is the only wireless RFID system on the market. Meaning your event finish line won't have bulky equipment, a trailer, or a time consuming set up time. Additionally Orbiter doesn't require mats (tripping hazards) or overhead structures (requiring additional permits). 

​We offer RFID race equipment rental and sales

Please contact us to discuss your event and to receive a free race estimate. No event is too large or too small! 

MJM is a veteran owned and operated LLC.